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Respond System's     New Bio-Pulse    SENTRY     Pulse Magnetic Therapy Blanket


One Third less Weight!





Respond engineers reduced the weight, and increased the power and convenience for you! Sore in the back from stiffness, arthritic conditions or hard work? Ligament, tendon, muscle or bone injury? Fractures, poor circulation or tie up? This is the newest system in use by our U.S.Equestrian Team. The Sentry system is used here by Eros, who won Olympic medals with Anne Kursinski.

My Observations: You can take a heavy magnet and hold it in your hand, two to three feet from one of our PMT blankets, and feel the strong pulsations of the blanket in your hand.  You then can realize that this magnetic field goes deep, and that the pulsations relax and work the muscles, relieving the tension in the muscles.  You notice that most horses quickly relax, and go to sleep.  I have became more enlightened through human studies on what Pulse Magnetic Therapy can do.  It can add oxygen to the blood, bring S.G.O.T. levels down, and help prevent lactic acid buildup.  It is not unusual to see weight lifters increase their lifting ability and number of repetitive lifts by 10% to 25% after using Pulse Magnetic Therapy.  Traditionally the PMT Blankets have been used to warm muscles up before showing or racing, and to take soreness out.  But, now I find they are probably the best pre-race or pre-show you can find.

Technical Information:  PMT (Pulse Magnetic Therapy) is widely used in conditioning performance horses. PMT regenerates diseased tissue and repairs fractured bones. By pulsating magnets, we signal cells. These weak signals tell cells what to do. Ions are effected  by the rhythm of the magnetic pulsations. PMT enhances the synthesis of protein in the cells, allowing the body to take advantage of all the protein available. PMT improves circulation, not by increasing heartbeat or blood pressure, but by opening and dilating the arteries and capillaries. This also reduces the edema (filling). PMT increases the cellular level of oxygen by enhancing the exchange of potassium and sodium ions on either side of the cell membrane. It has been demonstrated that oxygen partial pressure can be increased by an average of 200% within 30 minutes of starting a treatment. This can suppress pain associated with lack of sufficient oxygen. Also, insufficient oxygen in the cells causes lactic acid buildup under strenuous exercise. PMT is particularly effective in getting to deep muscle soreness (back, stifle, etc.) because of its deep penetration. PMT is great for warming up and cooling down muscles. Recap: heals tissue, repairs fractures, takes out filling, improves circulation, reduces pain, increase oxygen, and massages muscles.

BIO-PULSE Standard Pulse Magnetic Blanket.  It's all in the blanket!  Several years ago Respond Systems reinvented PMT in the Bio-Pulse Standard, Cordless, PMT Blanket.  Cordless, portable, what a great idea! The heart of the system is a simplified control board. By the use of new, high tech,  computer chips, they produced a board, with only one button.  One push of the button turns the unit on, sets it at a low pulse rate, with matching intensity, and starts a 30 minute clock. Push the button a second time, and you get a medium pulse rate, and a third push on the button gives you a high pulse rate. At the end of 30 minutes the unit shuts off. You have a lighted display board that indicates which level you are on. The unit has a high-capacity commercial rechargeable battery pack, and uses the much acclaimed square wave form magnets.  The blanket is made  of a fine,  strong  mesh  fabric, that looks great, and  wicks out moisture.  It has 10 strategically located magnetic coils for full body coverage.   You may add leggings with hoof coils, hock boots, and neck wrap accessories. Of course the controls, pulse  generator, and battery pack are on board, so no cords.  Blankets available in sizes: 78", 82" and 84".    Price, $3,595.

NEW! LIGHT WEIGHT! BIO-PULSE SENTRY Pulse Magnetic Blanket.  All the features of the  Bio Pulse Standard, PLUS, two coils for the hamstrings, and two coils for the stifles.  Total, 14 coils.  Now, one third less weight! Computerized control has 6 frequencies PLUS scan. Bright LED on each coil flashes with each pulse. Blanket available in sizes: 78", 82" and 84".    Price, $4,775.

Standard Blanket on Gem Twist

Both Models have optional equipment available.   Hock Boots; Leg Wraps, with Hoof Coils; Meyer's Neck Wrap, and Pulse Dividers (2) which lower the pulse rate to the leggings.

Click Here for Frequently Asked Questions.

You may purchase your blanket of choice outright. You may rent either the Sentry or Standard for 3 months.  You may then purchase it outright, with no interest.  Or, You may purchase it with 18 easy additional monthly payments.  Or, you may return it.  See the chart below.


Purchase Price

3 Month Rental


or 18 Month Plan





$240 per month

Standard 3000




$180 per month






Hock Boots




$23 per month

Leg Wraps/Hoofs




$33 per month

Neck Wrap




$41 per month

Pulse Dividers (2)




$13 per month






Bio-Pulse Magnetic Therapy Hock Boots and Leggings

Hock Boot

These portable, rechargeable  units produce the same stimulating pulsed magnetic field therapy as our full Bio-Pulse blanket system.  Simply place it on the leg or the hock and flip the switch to start the 30 minute treatment. Up to 12 treatments before recharge. The sturdy, water  resistant polypropylene shell houses the coils which produce the magnetic field. Each is lined with a comfortable, washable fleece fabric. The boots secure with two inner elastic wraps. Both systems come  equipped with a charger for convenient overnight recharging.


You may purchase your Maxi-Package of choice outright. You may rent them for 3 months.  You may then purchase them outright, with no interest.  Or, you may them with easy additional monthly payments.  Or, you may return it.  See the chart below.


Purchase Price

3 Month Rental Amount

Payoff after 3 Month Rental

Extended Pay Plan Amount

Hock & Control




7 @ $85 Month

Legging & Control




8 @ $85 Month

Legging, Hock &    One Control




10 @ $85 Month

Shipping & Handling, $20

Norm McClurg

2208 Rockspring Road

Suite B

Toledo, Ohio 43614




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